The insulation mattresses for your most complicated insulation areas.

Safe on installation costs and reduce your CO2 emission by using the Insulcon WIC system.

Wearflex® insulation covers (WIC’s) are tailor-made prefabricated insulation mattresses, which are being used to insulate complex shapes. The WIC system, which is designed by our specialists at our Wearflex® department gives a lot of benefits towards other solutions. Even irregular shapes are possible to supply.

A WIC has a durable construction and is easy to (dis)assemble by the use of AISI-316 hooks, springs, buckles, tie-wire and if required FR zippers / FR hook- and loop. This makes it also possible to remove and re-install the matrasses after an inspection of your equipment.

We provide openings where connectors, sensors, brackets are present.

Where to use: The products are being used for the external insulation of pumps, actuators, nozzles, manhole flanges, pig tails, pipes, reactor vessels, but also to protect surrounding engine parts against radiation heat from the exhaust system. Our applications can be found in various industries like Maritime & Offshore, Research, Aviation & Transportation, Domestic Appliances, Ferrous, Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas. The covers can also be designed for applications for the food industry, by using food save materials like PTFE, stainless steel AISI-316 metal parts. A Wearflex® Insulation Cover is suitable for applications with temperatures up to 650°C

Where custom made is really made together with the customer:

At Insulcon we are used to work together with our customer to reach the best result possible. We do not offer an off the shelf product. We do have many experience “off the shelf” which we use on every day base to design the perfect solution for your issues. Quick, reliable, cost effective and tailormade!

Together with the customer we define the best mixture from our broad range of high temperature resistant fabrics and/or an insulation blankets for the application.

Reduction on Energy consumption

All products and solutions that Insulcon offers, gives a reduction on your energy consumption, safe on the energy costs and gives a reduction on your CO2 emission. We offer an efficient insulation solution for your process to keep all these parameters as low as possible.

Wearflex® Insulation Cover benefits:

  • Durable
  • Cost effective
  • Easy (dis) assembly
  • Inspection proof
  • Decrease on heat loss
  • Reduction on energy costs
  • Food save
  • Non conductive

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