Reliable Radiation Heat Reduction

Most petrochemical industries face risks of excessive radiation heat in regular operation. Radiation heat is always present within various furnaces such as reformers, heaters and cracking furnaces. However, at some areas excessive radiation heat appears. Also, furnace internals such as brackets, tube hangers and dummy tubes can overheat and become flexible, resulting in damage.
Coke formation inside a pipe

Risks of coke formation

The modes of formation of carbonaceous deposits (Coke) significantly and negatively influences the economic and energetic balance of the process.
During operation an external tube skin temperature continuously rises which leads to even more rapid coke accumulation. Increased pressure drop and higher fuel consumption can cause high production losses.
Also, due to circumstances, pipelines can become too hot. This has a negative impact on the service lifetime of the pipe and may even cause the pipe to burst, reduce its lifetime and cause unplanned shutdowns.

How do heatshields prevent coke formation?

Heatshields are used to protect process pipes and areas to excessive radiation heat. This reduces the amount of radiation heat and prevent process pipes to form coke inside within the pipes.

Heatshields on pipes

60% Less radiation heat

Refrex® heatshields do reflect around 60% of the radiation heat. This prevents overheating of tube skin furnace internals. Refrex® heatshields are tailor-made and therefore available in almost any shape and dimension. From a single straight shape or elbow to complex shapes; there is always a Refrex® heatshield we can design and which meet your requirements. Refrex® heatshields can be designed in simple, elbow or other complex shapes.

Benefits of Refrex® heatshields

✓ Save energy.

✓ Prevent accelerated ageing of the tube skin surface or furnace internals.

✓ Prevent unplanned shutdowns / tube bursts.

✓ Prevent coke-forming in radiant coils and process tubes.

✓ Easy to install and remove for i.e. inspection.

✓ Resist temperatures up to 1370°C.

Refrex® Material

About Refrex®

Refrex® fabric is woven out of threads made out of different rovings. The rovings are assembled out of a specified number of endless Refrex® filaments with a fibre diameter of 10-12 micron. No binders are added only a sizing, a temporarily coating which protects the Refrex® fibres during the weave process. Refrex® 1200 and 1400 filaments and textiles are non-oxidizing, non-hygroscopic, chemically resistant, have a low conductivity and a good abrasion resistance.