The devil is in the details! / use Wearflex® Quilted Sleeves

Quilted Sleeves in application

Wearflex® Quilted Sleeve

The devil is in the details! And this is also applicable to many hidden costs!

A petrochemical plant is a complex facility with many processes running 24/7. The maintenance of piping and casing of the petrochemical furnace for instance, is very important to let the operation run smoothly. Failure on this will bring very high costs.

But did you ever think about the costs of loosing energy in your process?

Unwanted cold air ingress due to leaks around for example tube penetrations in your furnace will increase your energy usage considerably. To prevent this, Insulcon has a variety of flexible seals in its offering to minimize this issue and let you save on your energy costs.

One of them is the Wearflex® quilted sleeve. Those sleeves are flexible seals and designed to seal all kind of tube penetrations, through the wall or the roof of for example cracking furnaces. They are suitable to absorb large axial and lateral movements, prevent cold air ingress through the protrusion and are applicable up to 900°C. Next to this, they can absorb axial as well as lateral movements.


Applicable dimensions

A Wearflex® quilted sleeve can be used in applications where the maximum expansion of the tube is 250 mm. If the expansion is more, Insulcon has different options, like a telescopic seal or others.


Wearflex® quilted sleeves are manufactured from specially designed high temperature resistant fabrics and can be supplied open or closed, straight or tapered and with or without additional insulation layers.


Worldwide our Wearflex® quilted sleeves are applied within for example the following industries; oil & gas, power & utilities, ferrous and non-ferrous industry.

Experience to share!

Insulcon has many years of experience in high temperature solutions and is the right partner to advice, supply and even supervise the installation of your best solution and let you save on energy!