Wearflex® and Refrex® heatshields

A heatshield protects the environment from a heat source and thus acts as a thermal insulation layer or as a protection against a heat source.
A heatshield is available in various designs in every desired shape and size. For example, we supply heatshields, specifically manufactured for the exact application in which they are used. 
From simple designs up to technically complex challenges - we have both the expertise and the technology to manufacture a customized heatshield.
For this we use 3D printers with which we can completely copy a model of the object to be protected. This approach allows us to design and test the heat shield with the greatest precision!
The Insulcon group manufactures and delivers 2 different types of heatshields: 
The difference lies in the maximum temperature at which these products can be applied. For example, our Wearflex® heatshield offers protection at temperatures up to 900°C, whilst the Refrex® variant can withstand temperatures up to more than 1300°C.
Industrial applications
Our Wearflex® and Refrex® heatshield are used in various sectors where heat is part of a production process or where extremely high temperatures occur due to circumstances.
A small selection of the many industries that use our heatshields are:
Steel industry
Iron production usually takes place in blast furnaces. Here, heatshields serve as a buffer against high temperatures, so that employees can perform their tasks unhindered during rolling, or casting or transporting liquid steel.


Petrochemical industry
Various furnaces (reformers, heaters, cracking furnaces) within oil refineries heat oil or gas are using burners. The heated substance flows through process pipes located inside the oven. Due to circumstances, these pipelines can become too hot locally. This has a negative impact on the service life of the pipe, or may even cause the pipe to burst. Because Refrex® heatshields reflect up to 60% of the radiant heat, they offer the best protection for process pipes. Often one layer of Refrex® fabric is sufficient to bring the surface temperature to an acceptable level. 


In the aviation sector, it is mainly the aircraft themselves that use heatshields. This specifically concerns heat resistant screens that cover engine parts or lines. Heatshields play a very important role in the space industry, both during the launch and the return of a mission. If a room device penetrates the atmosphere, the temperature can rise to as much as 1600°C! Under such circumstances, Refrex® heatshields are the appropriate protection against extreme heat. 
For all the above industries and processes, we can manufacture tailor-made heatshields, specifically for your application. Contact our team of experts. They are happy to assist you with advice and instructions.