Refrex® Manifold Covers

Max. temperature >1370°C

Refrex® manifold covers are special heat shields designed to greatly reduce the radiant heat on manifolds in a reformer. Too much radiant heat from the roof burners causes accelerated aging of the manifolds, possibly resulting in a leakage, requiring the cooker to be taken out of operation.

The use of Refrex® manifold covers prevents unscheduled shutdowns.

Refrex® manifold covers are available in a wide variety of shapes, designs, using various materials. They are applicable to 1600°C. Refrex® manifold covers are made of Refrex® high temperature resistant fabrics, which consist out of endless filaments. Refrex® manifold covers can be found, for example, in ammonia / hydrogen reformers.

First of all, a package of insulating material is wrapped around the manifold. The Refrex® manifold cover is then installed using several tie ropes. This keeps both the insulating material and the Refrex® manifold cover in place.

Using our installation instruction or under the supervision of one of our supervisors, Refrex® manifold covers can be installed at your desired time and location.

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