Refrex® (Multi) Tube Bellows

Max. temperature 1300°C

Refrex® multi tube bellows are flexible seals around multiple pipe penetrations in the roof of a petrochemical furnace. They prevent cold air ingress due to under pressure and are to absorb both axial and lateral movements. Refrex® multi tube bellows can be applied up to 1300°C.

Due to the use of high-quality high-temperature fabrics, the process pipes are not limited in their movements as a result of thermal expansion of process pipes. The design of the Refrex® 1230/1430 tube bellows ensures that the seal between the opening in the roof and the process pipes is optimal in order to minimise cold air ingress. This saves a considerable amount of energy.

We can provide you with the right seal!
From design to delivery, from small to large sizes, from prototype to series production. The wide knowledge of high temperature resistant fabrics, our qualified people and specially developed machinery ensure that your high temperature sealing problem is solved.

Based on our years of experience with high temperature fabrics, Refrex® fabrics have been selected as the best material for our multi tube bellows. Our list of references includes the most renowned engineering firms as well as many petrochemical multinationals.

Products are used in the following area's:
    Oil & Gas
    Fired heating