Refrex® Packing/Rope

Max. temperature >1370°C

Refrex® textiles, gaskets and tie-cords are high temperature resistant ropes or sleevings that are used for example as a seal or to install insulation such as Refrex® heatshields. They can be made in various diameters and designs in our factory in Temse. Refrex® gaskets and tie-cords are applicable up to 1370°C.

Refrex® yarn
Refrex® textiles, gaskets and tie-cords are composed out of special high-temperature resistant yarn made of endless filaments (continuous fiber). Different diameters and designs can be produced depending on the braiding method. If desired, a core can be added to create a softer compressible gasket.

The exact composition of a Refrex® packing or a Refrex® tie rope (tie cords) is determined based on your specifications. Delivery on a roll, in specific lengths or shapes, single pieces or series, everything is possible.

Products are used in the following area's:
    Oil & Gas
    Fired heating
    Oil & gas burning
    Sulphur recovery