Wearflex® Fabric Expansion Bellows

Max. temperature 1370°C

Wearflex® fabric expansion bellows (fabric expansion joints) are flexible connections in air and flue gas ducts. They are made of specially selected heat-resistant fabrics, whether or not in combination with other insulation materials.

By using Wearflex® fabric expansion bellows axial, lateral and angular movements, due to thermal expansion and/or vibrations in pipes, can be absorbed. Wearflex® fabric expansion bellows (fabric expansion joints) are suitable for hot air, dry and condensing (wet) flue gases. Wearflex® fabric expansion bellows are applicable to more than 1000°C and 250mBar.

Design parameters
Depending on your design requirements and process data, the composition of the fabric expansion bellow is determined. After you have completed our questionnaire (taking into account various parameters such as thermal and chemical resistance, composition of the medium, internal and external pressure, etc.) we can make an appropriate proposal for you.

From a single layer of fabric to a combination of several layers of fabric with insulating material in between, the possibilities are endless. For each situation, we examine how the Wearflex® fabric expansion bellow should be designed to meet the design conditions so that the desired movements can be caught.

We have experiences and references in all thermal process installations, including oil & gas, power & utilities (waste incineration plants, waste to energy, power plants, gas turbine systems), ferrous and non-ferrous industry and the food industry. Prior to a maintenance stop, we can carry out an inspection on the already existing expansion bellows.

Products are used in the following area's:
    Oil & Gas
    Ceramic & Glass
    Power & Utilities
    Maritime & Offshore
    Non Ferrous
    Ceramic firing
    Sulphur recovery
    Anode Baking
    Fluegas Cleaning
    Primary aluminium smelting
    Steam Generation
    Flue gas & hot air transport
    Fired heating
    Waste Incineration
    Blast Furnace
    Oil & gas burning
    Holding furnace
    Aluminium casting
    Waste heat recovery
    Dry Bulk Handling