Wearflex® Heatshields

Max. temperature 1000°C

Wearflex® heatshields are prefabricated, custom made flexible heatshields. They are specially designed to avoid radiation heat. For example for ovens that need to be opened, robotic arms, cable ducts that need to be protected in foundries or during welding activities. Wearflex® heatshields are applicable up to 900°C and are available in many forms and versions.

Wearflex® heatshields can be installed using eyelets. It is also possible to install Wearflex® heatshields around complex forms using high temperature resistant adhesive tape.

From simple rectangular up to complex shapes
From simple rectangular Wearflex® heatshields up to complex shapes, there is always a Wearflex® heatshield we can design and that will meet your needs. With our CNC milling machinery and 3D printers we are able to duplicate the part which needs to be protected, in order for us to have a mould to fit the heatshield on. 

Wearflex® heatshields can easily be installed on site with either our installation instruction or under the supervision of one of our supervisors.

Products are used in the following area's:
    Aviation & Transportation
    Non Ferrous
    Oil & Gas
    Ceramic & Glass
    Aluminium casting
    Blast Furnace
    Holding furnace
    Internal combustion
    Waste Incineration
    Ceramic firing