Wearflex® Rubber Expansion Bellows

Max. temperature 100°C

Wearflex® rubber expansion bellows (expansion joints) are widely used to provide efficient ways to relieve movement stresses, reduce noise, isolate vibration or to compensate for misalignment. They are made out of several types of specially selected rubbers and are applicable up to more than 100°C and 15 Bar.

Wearflex® rubber expansion bellows (expansion joints) can absorb axial and lateral movements and are suitable for cooling water, hot water, gases, oils, fats and other media. Wearflex® rubber expansion bellows can be delivered with or without inserts, limiters and/or connection flanges. The exact composition depends on the specific application and customers" wishes.

Products are used in the following area's:
Power & Utilities
Oil & Gas
Water Treatment
Fluegas Cleaning
Waste Incineration
Liquid handling