Wearflex® Telescopic Seals

Max. temperature 900°C

Wearflex® telescopic seals (telescopic seals) are flexible seals around pipe penetrations in the roof of a reformer. These flexible seals prevent cold air (false air) from being sucked into the furnace as a result of a slight under pressure. Wearflex® telescopic seals are able to absorb axial movements and are applicable to more than 900°C.

Wearflex® telescopic seals are composed of a combination of alloyed steel parts in combination with high-quality insulation blankets and insulation board. The exact composition is examined per situation, in order to design a Wearflex® telescopic seal to meet the requested parameters.

The unique design of the Wearflex® telescopic seal ensures large axial freedom of movement of the pipe penetration. Wearflex® telescopic seals are easy and quick to (de)install.

We have experiences and references in all thermal process installations within the oil & gas sector. Examples of installations where Wearflex® telescopic seals being used are ethylene cookers, crackers, etc.

Products are used in the following area's:
    Oil & Gas