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Wearflex® is a division of Insulcon B.V. specialized in and dedicated to design and to manufacture high temperature resistant fabric expansion joints, protrusion- and dynamic seals. Also heatshields and engineered heat resistant textile systems. In our state of the art production facility in Steenbergen (the Netherlands) our skilled workers create custom-made, high-quality Wearflex® products.

Wearflex® products are found in most of today's thermal process industries and have a proven cost saving track record since 1990.

Insulcon-  Cutting of Refrex fibre Wearflex Design and manufacturing

When the specific situation of your application has been assessed and the requirements are established, we select the appropriate high temperature resistant material(s). This will ensure that we can manufacture the best products which will perform the best in the application and meet your expectations.

A wide range of technical textiles in temperature ranges up to 1370°C is available from stock. This enables us to produce on very short notice. Responding immediately in case of an emergency is our strength!

Supervision, field assembly, repair and inspection on site

The installation of Wearflex® products on site can be done under supervision of Wearflex® supervisors. If required, the production of Wearflex® expansion joints can be done on site by our specialists.

Operational reliability and long service life of expansion joints and bellows are crucial. Wearflex® supervisors therefore also inspect existing expansion joints or other heat resistant textile systems on request to prevent unexpected failures.

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