Wearflex® Dynamic Seals

Max. temperature

Prevent high costs and protect your rotating kiln with Wearflex® dynamic seals!

Many thermal processes use rotating kilns to clean soil, to burn waste, or to sinter ceramic products. A dynamic seal reduces cold air ingress and create a better sealing between the rotating and the static part of the application.

Traditional seals are stiff, and long cylindrical rotating kilns are not always perfectly round. The best solution is a dynamic seal that follows the shape of the rotating kiln, like our Wearflex® dynamic seals.

Your benefits

  • Better control of your thermal process, which results in better products
  • Less COx and NOx emissions
  • Less fuel consumption

Our engineers can help you design the best possible Wearflex® dynamic seal for your application!

Products are used in the following area's:
Oil & Gas
Waste to Energy