Wearflex® Insulation Covers

Max. temperature 650°C

Wearflex® insulation covers (WICs) are tailor-made prefab insulation mattresses, which are being used to insulate complex shapes. Wearflex® insulation covers (WICs) can be used in applications of > 650°C.

Own production facility
In our own production facility in Steenbergen, Wearflex® insulation covers are being manufactured using one or several layers of high temperature resistant fabrics and/or an insulation blanket. They can be provided with various fixings in order to install them around the object which needs to be insulated.

World-wide Insulcon’s WICs are being applied to the outer insulation of pumps, actuators, nozzles, manhole flanges, pigtails, pipes, reactor vessels, but also to protect surrounding engine parts against radiation heat from the exhaust system. They are easy to install and to remove. WICs are designed to fit irregular shapes.

Whether you need a prototype, or a serial production, nothing is unknown to us. By using our installation instruction or under the supervision of one of our supervisors, Wearflex® insulation covers are easy to install or dismount. 

Products are used in the following area's:
    Maritime & Offshore
    Aviation & Transportation
    Domestic Appliances
    Power & Utilities
    Oil & Gas
    Fired heating
    Steam Generation
    Internal combustion
    Liquid handling
    Blast Furnace