Wearflex® Launder Joints

Max. temperature 750°C

Wearflex® launder joints are flexible, multi-layer seals, used as a flexible launder connection between the tilting furnace and the launder system. Wearflex® launder joints can be used up to 750°C.

Traditionally, in the non-ferro industry, a one-layer seal or a cast-iron furnace spout is used. However, a single layer seal can only be used a single time because of possible leakage. As a result, units must be taken out of operation, resulting in production losses and direct maintenance and service costs. To prevent these problems, engineers of the Insulcon Group developed a unique Wearflex® flexible launder.

Wearflex® launder joints consist of an in-house manufactured, high temperature resistant cloth and one or multiple layers of high temperature resistant insulation blanket.

Multiple use
Contrary to the traditional single layer seals, Wearflex® launders joints can be used multiple times (up to 50 casts). This reduces not only maintenance, but also service costs. Due to their flexibility, Wearflex® launders joints are fully tear resistant. They have a durable construction and are easy to install and to replace.

Products are used in the following area's:
Non Ferrous
Aluminium casting
Holding furnace