Wearflex® Springjoints

Max. temperature 250°C

Wearflex® spring joints are high temperature resistant, flexible seals around pipe penetrations in a petrochemical furnace. They can absorb lateral as axial movements and are applicable up to 250°C. By using our Wearflex® spring joints you will prevent cold air ingress in your furnace as a result of small under pressure. Due to the unique spiral design, a Wearflex® spring joint has large axial and lateral freedom of movement at the pipe penetration. 

Wearflex® spring joints are made out of selected high-temperature resistant fabrics. The exact composition depends on the parameters our customer specify. They can consist out of single layer of fabric up to a combination of several layers of fabric with insulation layers in between.

We have experience and references in almost all thermal process installations within the oil and gas industry, power plants, waste incinerations, ferrous and non-ferrous industry.

Products are used in the following area's:
Oil & Gas